About Us

ThinkWell Limited was formed in 2006 when 3 professional consultants came together to support each other and the growing need for competent professional wellness services within the working environment. The original aim of the organisation was to bring together various disciplines to enhance wellness within the everyday workplace, with an emphasis not only on being well, but also staying and remaining well.

Jason is a registered psychotherapist (PBANZ & NZAP), leadership and mental skills coach (ICF & NZSPC); trainer and supervisor working in Wellington, New Zealand. Originally from Ireland, Jason began his training as a psychotherapist by completing a 3 year BA in Psychoanalysis and a 2 year Certificate in Humanities (philosophical studies) in his home town of Dublin. After moving to Wellington he continued his studies becoming a Certified Transactional Analyst (ITAA) – a theory based on effective communication between individuals and within groups or teams.

He trained as a coach, specialising in leadership and behaviour change, after being asked by various leaders and organisations to help them and their teams interact more effectively and reduce unnecessary stress. Jason specialises in challenging unhealthy or unnecessary behaviours that often hamper performance and instead facilitate new behaviours that are designed to improve personal or team results.

Since 2014 Jason has also provided mental skills coaching for a number of high profile sports teams such as the Wellington Hurricanes, the Wellington Lions rugby teams, the Wellington Phoenix soccer team and the NZ White Ferns.

Jerri of ThinkWell.

Jerri is a registered psychotherapist and member of PBANZ and NZAP. He is a group therapist/educator with Aotearoa and Australian Psychodrama Association and is also an accredited supervisor. His background and study of psychodynamic psychotherapy at Ashburn Hall Dunedin provided a sound base for his working with mental health, where he spent several years setting up a community based service for families.

Born in Ireland, Jerri has lived and worked in Europe, Australia, Venezuela and has explored many other countries and cultures, before settling in NZ in 1987. He has worked with a diverse range of teams in both mental health and the business sector throughout New Zealand and is now based in Wellington. He works in private and public health providing individual and group wellness and training programs for a wide range of professional people. He is a clear thinker, assisting people to broaden their understanding of themselves and develop new ways of approaching complex systemic issues.

He has delivered on a number of projects in profit and not for profit organisations, utilising his wealth of experience and insight as a national psychological services manager. His passion is for developing people and teams through creating efficient access for individuals and teams to connect with trained professionals to create opportunities for personal and professional development.