Mental Skills Coaching

The coaching of athletes, both professional and amateur is an essential ingredient for success, as often it is the unconscious aspects to ourselves that hold us back from achieving the results we are after. Mental Skills coaching is working consciously with a trained coach to ensure that what you set your mind to is what you achieve, again and again. On the day it is often what is going on in the mind of the athlete that determines the outcome.

Thinkwell coaches have experience of working with a number of athletes and professional teams. Jason Brennan is presently the mental skills coach for a number of prominent teams in the Wellington region – these are the Wellington Hurricanes, the Wellington Lions, the Wellington Pulse, the NZ White Ferns and has worked with the Wellington Phoenix. Through his work with these teams and others, he has developed a variety of support methodologies to help improve individual and team performance. His emphasis is on success through practical performance based routines – for regular training and practice, pre-game or competition mind set, in-game or competition focus/ re-focus and post-game or competition review and mind re-set.

Think well.

What our coaching clients say

As a professional rugby player I have constantly tried to find that 'edge'. That something that will give me an advantage over my opposition. Working one on one with Jason showed me the mental tools to call upon to enable me to perform to my best and I continue to use those today. Everyone knows how performance can vary significantly even though there has been very little change in your physical attributes or physical preparation. I truly believe the mind is the key that can unlock true potential, or conversely, hold you back.  From a team point of view, I noticed huge changes in our 'energy' and 'connections' from our sessions with Jase and I believe that alone got us through a number of games on the right side of the ledger.

Tim Bateman – Maori All Black and Hurricanes Super 15 player

Thanks so much for your guidance and support. I've learnt a lot off your teachings. thanks again for making me a better person and better coach.

Alama Ieremia – ex All Black and assistant coach of the Hurricanes

Jas I thought you have had a great influence over the Hurricanes over the last few years and as you know mental skills plays a major part within any professional sporting team and I saw the Hurricanes make significant advances in this area over the time you were involved. Mental skills can be a complicated subject but when it is explained in simple terms it can have a massive impact and I believe you were able to do this for the team. Cheers mate.

Conrad Smith Hurricanes captain 126 caps, All Black 94 caps.

Jason is very effective at communicating between the players and management and has the ability to bridge the gap that exist in a team environment which has at one end, players that think... “This mental skills is for mentally weak people through to players that recognise this as the MOST important skill set in a professional rugby players armour…". He moulded these two ends of the spectrum and those in between which lead to a number of benefits. These benefits were - 1. more confidence to speak up and demand in a positive way 2. More open and honest discussions amongst our leadership group 3. A collective agreement on how we deal with success and failure 4. The ability to harness a groups energy through success and adversity at the time needed e.g. in game. When working with a mental skills coach in a team environment it is important that the players can trust that the sensitive nature of some conversations are not being fed back to the management and vice versa. I always found Jason to be extremely professional in this regard. Mark Hammett – ex All Black and head coach of the Hurricanes

Mark Hammett – ex All Black and head coach of the Hurricanes

Mental Skills coaching (Psychc coaching) of athletes, both professional and amateur is an essential ingredient for success, it is the unconscious aspects to ourselves that hold us back.