Wellness and Resilience Training

We strive to help staff understand their role in managing their own well-being at work and in their life in general. Our training shows staff how to identify the issues as they arise and take necessary steps to prevent them from escalating. We give staff the opportunity to review their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs for overall well-being, with the purpose being to help them take the right steps to keep themselves healthy.

Our training can also equip managers and team leaders with tools to recognise stress in themselves and their teams and take steps to highlight and resolve these issues early. We encourage management to look at work practices, processes and environmental aspects of their workplace which may be causing unnecessary stress. Training solutions can be developed either through an external consultancy process or in conjunction with your training team.

We offer a number of workshops that can be given to a wide number of employees within a short duration. These presentations cover a number of topics, including personal health and fitness, the effects of stress, strategies to reduce stress and fatigue, resilience, the importance of sleep, anxiety awareness, depression awareness, effective communication and a number of other areas of interest. Our workshops can be tailored to specifically address an organisation’s needs or can be general in application, depending on the audience. They also vary in duration, from 40-minute lunchtime presentations to multi-day workshops.

The mindful mind is one that has developed a sense of itself within the present world and can come back to this presence of mind when needed. The mastering of oneself is a key focus to feeling safe and secure in an often uncertain world.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus (December 8, 65 BC – November 27, 8 BC), known as Horace, the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus. Known for many great quotes including “Carpe diem.”

Horace the roman poet.

Our training can equip managers and team leaders with tools to recognise stress in themselves and their teams.